Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Season Extenders: 5 Vegetables You Can Plant in July

By now your garden may be producing well. But are some of the crops done, leaving space that is sitting idle?

I know that you are probably used to planting in the spring and harvesting in the summer and fall, but there is more to the growing season than that. You can plant more vegetables now with time for growing and harvest this fall. Some vegetables can be planted now (July in my zone 5-6 garden in Ohio) and some will do better if you wait for a while.

In July, you can seed directly bush beans (green beans or lima beans), cucumbers and summer squash like zucchini and crook necks, cucumbers, okra and kale. You are looking for 50-60 days from planting to harvest. (Check the seed packet or catalog description for maturity times.) Prepare the soil well as you would in the spring.

It is hot (and usually dry unless you live in my area this year- it is very wet this year here) so you'll need to water more than you typically would in the wetter, cooler spring. And there are probably more bugs out and about, so be vigilant in your trips through the garden inspecting for pests.

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