Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fresh Herbs to Cook With? You Can Grow That!

Have you ever found a recipe in a cookbook or online and gone to the grocery store to buy the ingredients? I usually buy the meat or protein first, then the veggies and starches-- then I get to the fresh herbs. I need 2 TBSP or 1/4 cup of something, and I pick up the package of fresh herbs, and they cost... HOW MUCH? EEK!
You can grow fresh herbs in your yard, or even in a pot on your patio. Herbs respond positively to clipping, by throwing out new growth. So you have a good source of fresh herbs all summer and into the fall, from one plant, or one packet of seeds. And you'll pay the same amount or less for the plant or seeds as you will the single-use packet at the grocery. Talk about a win-win proposition!
Ask for instructions for growing herbs at your locally-owned independent garden center or nursery. They'll be glad to help, and they'll probably have a great assortment of herb plants and seeds for you to choose from. Happy gardening, and bon appetit!