Thursday, July 11, 2013

Miniature Gardens

Goodies in my mailbox today!

People who know me, know I love! Yes, I shop locally, too, when I can, but you can't beat that box with the smile on it for brightening up your day! Spread the joy!

Today I got my copy of Janit Calvo's wonderful book, Gardening in Miniature. (I got something else, too, but we'll talk about that next time.) I am in mini-Heaven! Just the pictures make this worth the price, and there's a lot of information in here, too, to make it easy for you to choose plants and accessories for your miniature garden.

What? You haven't heard of miniature gardens yet? Some folks call them Fairy Gardens, but Janit chooses to appeal to more gardening fans by calling them miniature gardens. Either name works for me, since there is a part of me that understands that the wee folk come around from time to time to create havoc in what would otherwise be a sane place. We need to give them a welcoming place to rest and dance while they are here!

I've been collecting accessories and a big old laundry tub to create my Fairy Garden. I'll use Janit's book to give me that gentle push I need to get 'er done!

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