Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Amazing New Ground Cover Clematis-- NOT!

I have two clematis vines, one on each side of my garage door. They are similar colors, but different varieties. (The one pictured, as best I remember, is Ville-de-Lyon.) They had grown so large over time, that we needed to take down the wooden trellises that they grew on (and over, into the neighboring weeping cherry tree) and cut the vines back drastically so that we could install a more heavy-duty trellis and control the growth.

Best laid plans... as they say. We did take down the trellises and cut back the vines drastically. But we didn't get around to putting up a new trellis. The vines responded to their pruning (and to the wonderful spring weather we had here in our part of Ohio) by blooming better than ever-- on the ground and up into the tree. So we have decided to say that it is an amazing new ground cover clematis. And it is simply beautiful!

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