Friday, May 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day May 2009

Have I got the "blues"? Well, this Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, that's a good thing. Check out the veronica (left photo) and centaurea (AKA mountain bluet) on the right. Don't they just knock your socks off?

My garden seems to be between flushes of flowers at the moment. The early spring is a blaze of daffodils of many colors, sizes and shapes. Then the late spring is a mixture of peonies and irises. Right now, the herbaceous peonies are just budded, waiting for the sun to open them, and just a few iris are blooming, with more waiting in the wings. Tree peonies are beginning to put on a show now, along with veronica, centaurea, the early geraniums, and a giant allium or two.
Buttercups, though they can be a nuisance, are bright and cheery right now. Chives are blooming, and lily of the valley puts out fragrant bells in the dry shade in front of my house.
Also in bloom are the Stewartsonian azalea and the spirea (just past their prime). The Exbury azalea, in a sherbet yellow color, is in full glory.


Muum said...

love your flowers. thanks for your comment on my blog about the star of Bethlehem, that's good to know! I am an Ohio girl, myself, from the west side of the state. small world :)

Lynn said...

Thanks, Muum! Glad to hear there's another Ohio chicky here! When I read the blogs from California and Seattle, I think, "Yeah, but could you garden in Ohio?" Gardening in Ohio is a bit more challenging.