Sunday, March 22, 2009

White House Kitchen Garden

Well, it's official! There will be a (substantial) kitchen garden on the White House Lawn. Michelle Obama helped break the ground on Friday, making the dream of many people (Alice Waters, Michael Pollan among them) a reality. With this time of financial uncertainty, concerns about food safety, and an epidemic of obesity, the day was long overdue.

The vegetables, fruits and herbs will be used in meals served to the first family and their guests in the White House, and any excess will be donated to a local food pantry. This has the potential to get the "eat local" movement some additional momentum-- and that is a great news for sellers of garden seeds and plants. It will help farmers markets as well, as folks begin to shop for those veggies and fruits thay haven't been able to grow for themselves.

I'm sure there will be critics of the plan springing up like dandelions, but I say, "Good job!"

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